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Marina Paros

PARIKIA PORT, PAROS Parikia is located at the west side of the island of Paros. Approaching Parikia bay, care is needed for a number of little islands, reefs and above-water rocks.

Portes islands: Two in number with a light (F1(2) 16s&M)
Petrocaravo: a submerged rock difficult to see in rough seas.
Vouves: low-lying with a reef off the NE end a reef 3 metres over it 0,2 miles to the SW
Ag. Spyridonas: High and jagged rocks with a white church on one of them
Dhrepani: Low-lying
Kaki Skala and Peponas: Low-lying furher inside the bay Approaching by night use the light on Portes and on Ag.Fokas (F1.3s6M), as the well as the two light buoys Q.G/Q.R marking the deep water channel into the port of Parikia.

Marina Paros


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