A. Your inquiry should be sent by e-mail. In order to offer you a complete quotation we need the following information.

Once we receive your inquiry we will offer you soonest possible our available yachts.

B. When you receive our offer, you can either confirm the booking or request an option. Options can be held for a maximum of one week. Should it be necessary to extend the option, please contact us and we will try to extend it.

C. Once you accept our offer, we will send you immediately by email a copy of the contract, which you have to sign on the front and last page and send it back to us the soonest possible.

D. Along with the signed contract, you have to send us a crew list with names and passport or ID numbers.



A. For bareboat reservations payment is made as follows:

B. If the reservation(bareboat or crewed yacht) is made within 40 days prior to the scheduled departure date, the total charter fee should be paid on the day of reservation.

C. For crewed yachts reservations (crewed motor yachts, motor sailers or sailing yachts), payment is made as follows:



By adhering to this proposed booking procedure we can soffer you our services more efficiently.