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What Makes Rhodes Such a Great Port to Start Your Sailing Trip?

Thursday, 03 September 2020 05:57

What Makes Rhodes Such a Great Port to Start Your Sailing Trip?

Rhodes Mandraki 2

One of the most popular and preferred port for starting a sailing trip is Rhodes. It is the largest of all the 12 Dodecanese islands in Greece and offers something for every type of traveler. From peaceful coves and sandy beaches to a large assortment of restaurants and bars, as well as nightlife. Rhodes is also convenient for flights. Frequent flights via Athens are available during the vacation season. As well, the Mandraki harbor is a mere 20 minutes from Rhodes Airport.  However, what other aspects make this island such a great place to start your Greece yacht charter holidays?
Rhodes is close to the lower Dodecanese islands.  You can cover nearly all the islands in the Dodecanese, except for perhaps Kastellorizo, which is too far away from the said route.

Which islands can you see on a Rhodes – Rhodes yacht charter route?

Well, your first stop could still be in Rhodes by cruising to the famous Lindos beach. Then you could make your way to Halki, a very charming little island. Next head west to Tilos, Nisiros, over to Symi (one of those must-see islands), and then return to Rhodes port.
Afterward, you can continue your travels around the Dodecanese islands.
There are many places of interest in Rhodes. Before or after your yacht charter, you can visit the nearby attractions Rhodes is renowned for such as the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes – a museum and periodically holds festivals. There is a huge Medieval city wall and inside the Old City, shopping can be fun for picking up souvenirs and other interesting treasures to take back home with you.  Also, there are numerous other cultural and archaeological sites.

Well, as you can see, starting from Rhodes is a great option for those who desire the pleasure of a yacht charter holiday.

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