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Prince of Athens Motor Sailer Yacht


TYPE: Custom built Gulet
BUILT: 1967 (refitted 2007)

CREW: 3-4
ENGINE: 1 x 230 hp Rolls Royce
SPEED: 11 knots

Prince of Athens is a cruising experience that smoothly combines the authenticity of old classic chic with modern lifestyle.

Let the Prince be your guide in each of your magical journeys throughout the seas of Greece.

He loves cruising in style and in absolute harmony with the Greek sailing tradition.

Life aboard Prince will leave you with an everlasting smile and a fulfilling story to share with the people you love.

And, this is a meaningful event in your life.

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Two (2) Double cabins with queen size beds
One (1) twin cabin with berths
All of them with their own private marble bathroom and shower

Air Conditioning
High-end satellite TV system supported by LCD screens and DVD players controlled individually by each cabin
Wireless connection and laptop can be provided at a charge
GSM telephone central
BOSE speakers in all staterooms
MP3 Player controlled individually by each cabin

Speed boat for shore excursions
Water Skis
Fishing & Snorkeling equipment

Photos and layout

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