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Tuesday, 09 July 2019 06:10
Corfu Attractions Palaiokastritsa One of the best known attractions of Corfu, this village has developed along a hilly road by the edge of the mountain, revealing 5 magic bays along the way. The dramatic cliffs mostly covered by cypresses and olive trees are stunning. Two of the most impressive attractions of the island are only a few minutes away, Angelokastro and Paleokastritsa’s monastery. This location is best suited to people who wish to walk or explore some of the most wonderful parts of the island. This is a well organized resort so you can do a variety of things such as watersports & boat trips. The resort will offer you mixed nightlife, ranging from romantic quiet bars on the water’s edge to disco bars open until the early hours.The mountainous nature of the village offers a breathtaking view. The area gets crowded with day-trippers, especially in July & August. Palaiokastritsa Distances Distance from airport - 27 km Distance from Corfu Town – 25km Maximum transfer time - 45 mins Palaiokastritsa Facilities 2 supermarkets foreign exchange Local Green Bus to Corfu Town internet access photo shop doctor pharmacy greek tavernas & international cuisine souvenir shops and other shopping music bars and…

Corfu Island | Rent a boat in Corfu

Thursday, 04 July 2019 05:46
Corfu Island Known as the Emerald Isle, Corfu has two hundred kilometers of coastline with long golden, sandy and white pebble beaches and is among the most beautiful of all the Greek islands. With its fascinating landscape of vibrant wildflowers and slender cypresses rising out of shimmering olive groves, surrounded by turquoise waters, it's easy to see why Corfu first attracted the British holidaymaker to Greece and why it is still so popular today. The island has something for almost everyone! Its charming capital, Corfu Town, is an elegant place with fine examples of Venetian architecture. The west coast is famous for its long sandy beaches while the inland villages still preserve a life little changed over hundreds of years. The north coast has long beaches, while the north-east of the island is probably the least built upon, with winding roads leading up to Mount Pantokrator and down to pebbly coves with crystal clear water. To the south the landscape is flatter and the ubiquitous olive groves abundant. Corfu is Greece's western gateway and entrance to the Adriatic. This enviable position is one of the main reasons why it feels more 'Western' than most other parts of Greece. Almost 500…
Athens Marina Alimos Close to the Greek capital of Athens lies the largest marina in the country - Alimos marina - , numbers over 1000 berths, with a huge influence over the local infrastructure that since it was build, it has become a city in its own. General Info of Athens Marina Alimos and Kalamaki Kalamaki is a big suburb of the Greek capital city of Athens, located to the southeast of the city’s harbor; to what is generally considered “local territory” not a yacht charter per se. However, you will be surprised to find here one of the biggest – if not the biggest – marina in Greece, Alimos Marina.Being a suburb of a city and not a resort, the marina and the neighboring region were not build with the needs of yacht charter visitors in mind so some of the sailors mooring here will not find it to their high standards. Alimos Marina Map Travel & Arrival The advantage to being part of the city of Athens is the short transfer time from the Athens International Airport (some 45 minutes) with the added benefit of the airport shuttle making a stop exactly in front of the marina, which…

Sailing holidays in Greece for families

Monday, 21 January 2019 11:27
Sailing holidays in Greece for families Does your family love water and do you all enjoy cruising the see-through waters of Mediterranean? The calming days, the sun and the Greek islands? Then sailing holidays in Greece are for you. We at Sun Yachting Greece know there is a lot to consider when sailing with your family. However no matter if, your family comprises teenagers, younger children or both Sun yachting Greece has the plan for you. We are available to organize everything you need to put your mind at ease, from child safety nets to selecting the right yacht and finding the right destination. Greek Sailing Itineraries We offer plenty of family-friendly sailing destinations in Greece like Lefkas (Lefkas yacht charter), yacht charter Corfu, Peloponnese Sailing, Northern Sporades, Dodecanese route, Cyclades route, Ionian Sea route that will include all the most exciting and beautiful places in your chosen sailing area. Moreover, you have the option of more specific sailing trips like Sailing Halkidiki, Skiathos Boat Hire, Kos Yacht Charter e.t.c.We can provide time-tested itineraries or help you custom tailor your own itinerary.We offer special discounts so contact us for your charter in Greece. Whether you decide to search for a…

Yacht Charter Mediterranean

Wednesday, 16 January 2019 09:19
Yacht Charter Mediterranean The Mediterranean Sea - The Craddle of Civilization For more than 30 years the Mediterranean can be seen as the worldwide center of yachting activity. No other cruising destination in the world can offer waters sport enthusiasts a comparable variety of cultural and geographical assets together with moderate weather conditions. Mediterranean Sea & Coast Also known as the cradle of civilization, the Mediterranean shores have been inhabited since prehistoric times, which would make it today not only a wonderful place to visit but also the perfect history lesson. It’s located at the meeting place of three continents Europe, Asia and Africa and it’s connected with the Atlantic via the Gibraltar strait and with the Black Sea to the east via the Dardanelles strait. The name comes from the Latin mediterraneus, which means “inland” or “in the middle of the earth”. It has a surface of 2.5 million square kilometers and an average depth of 1500 meters. Its position and its economic potential make it one of the busiest bodies of water on Earth, and that includes Yacht Charter activities. People come here for the lovely weather, the sandy beaches but also for the culture. This is home…
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