Corfu Greece

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Corfu Greece

 corfu greece

Excelling as a destination fit for art lovers, Corfu has been affectionately named by the locals as "Kerkyra". It is the northernmost of the Ionian Islands and it shares its name with the main city of the island, Corfu Town. This is the largest and most important on the island, home to the international airport and also where the large cruise ships and ferries dock. It's safe to say that this is the beating heart of the whole island.

Although small by normal standards, Corfu is a great place for tourists, with many attractions from its rich history during which it changed hands many times. It has been considered a strategic point ever since the ancient Greeks, then for the Romans and later for the Venetians. These were removed from the island by Napoleon Bonaparte who claimed it for the French, only to be taken over by the Turks and at some point even the Russians.

It returned to the Greeks only much later, after the Second World War. Ever since then, the local economy has been developing, as has the cultural environment, aided by the local university, the museums, libraries, and numerous festivals and theaters which entertain the holiday crowds in the summertime.

Speaking of summertime, there is a good variety of beaches in and around Corfu. The only thing to remember is that beaches on the western side of the island are sandier while on the East coast the waters are calmer.


Sailing in Corfu Greece


Sailing in Corfu Greece

The sailing potential of the island also cannot be denied - in fact sailing in Corfu is the best thing to do when you are in holiday at the magnificent island of Corfu. The waters here are generally calm, with fair weather conditions especially during the summer months and there are a lot of mooring places. Going along the coast around the island is a very popular trip and you might encounter lots of boats on your voyage going to and from.


What to drink in Corfu

The dining scene is great, but prices might be high. There are some idyllic restaurants along the coast and near the old part of town. One of the local delicacies is ginger beer which was introduced here during the British protectorate. Locals fell in love with the beverage and created their version which can be ordered in restaurants today, just ask for "Tsitsibeera".

 shopping in corfu

Shopping in Corfu

Shopping for souvenirs in Corfu is similar to other places in Greece. Olive wood, ceramic, and leather goods are common here and can be found at cheap prices. If you go deep into the countryside you might pick up locally produced wine, honey, and olive oil from local farmers.

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