Boat Handling Tips

Tuesday, 02 March 2021 05:52

Boat Handling Tips

Boat Handling Tips

Boat Handling in a Marina or confined space is probably the most intimidating situation that you will encounter during your Boat Charter.

However, there is less need to be concerned about it if certain actions and observations are made before beginning any maneuvers.

Firstly it is essential to check that you have sufficient fuel, the fenders and lines are located in the right places and fenders are at the correct height. Brief the crew members on your intentions and be sure they know what is expected of them.


Determine the direction of the Tide or Current.

  • Look at the flow of water past a fixed object
  • Observe how other vessels are lying at anchor.
  • Which way does the underwater growth on a buoy or post flow?
  • Look up the tide tables.

Note the wind Strength and Direction.

  • Is the wind with or against the tide?
  • Will the wind be blowing your vessel towards or away from your pontoon or mooring.

Decide if it is the tide or the wind that will have the greatest effect on the boat.

  • If possible approach against the stronger of the tide or wind either forwards or astern.
  • If in doubt as to the stronger it is generally better to approach against the tide.
  • Allow for the effect of wind and tide when going slowly and losing steerageway.

Test the handling characteristics of your craft when going slowly both ahead and astern in particular the direction of prop walk on a single-engined boat.

Above all, if in doubt about your boat handling skills, take some sailing lessons before going on your boat charter or take an experienced Skipper to help you.

If you do feel confident go to Bareboat Charter or Flotilla Sailing.

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