What You Should Know About Bareboat Yacht Charters

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What You Should Know About Bareboat Yacht Charters


Bareboat Yacht Charters

Bareboats are usually offered through bareboat "base" companies that have a collection of yachts for bareboating. Sun Yachting has formulated the best deals and packages, and because of our high volume, we are able to offer bareboat charter to you at a discount. Sun Yachting Greece specializes in working all of your bareboat chartering details for you.

Bareboat Yacht Charters

What's Included in the Price?

Usually a bareboat charter is offered by the week and the weekly price includes the vessel itself, full fuel and water tanks, and a basic "get you going" package that includes items like matches, soap, kitchen paper/paper towels, loo/toilet rolls, laundry detergent, and dish liquid. Think of the bareboats like hotel rooms. They come with all the essentials. However, like rental cars, you are usually requested to return the vessel with the same fuel and water levels that it had before your charter. There are almost always fuel and water stations at or near the bareboat base, so this usually isn't a problem. However, if you don't have time to refill the fluid levels, the base will do it for you and charge accordingly.

If you want additional provisions on your bareboat vessel ready for you when you arrive, this can also be arranged. Sun Yachting can provide you with a provisioning form so you can request grocery items or special items. This provisioning form should usually be submitted at least a few weeks before your charter departure date so the charter base can fulfill the request before you arrive.

Bareboat Itineraries

Bareboat yacht charters are designed to offer sailors the most independence and freedom. For this reason, itineraries can be hand chosen by the charterers themselves, or Sun Yachting Greece can help you choose an itinerary in Greece (Northern SporadesSaronic GulfDodecanese routeCyclades routeIonian Sea route) that will include all the most exciting and beautiful places in your chosen sailing area. Moreover you have the option of more specific sailing trips like Sailing Halkidiki, Skiathos Boat Hire, Kos Yacht Charter e.t.c.
It is important to have an itinerary planned so you can maximize your sailing experience and have a clear idea where you will be and how to plan for various weather conditions. If you need help choosing a great itinerary, please give us a call. We can provide time-tested itineraries or help you custom tailor your own itinerary.

Bareboat  Skippers

Bareboat  Skippers & Crew

Although the essence of Bareboating is doing it all on your own, some people prefer to hire a skipper and/or a cook. In addition, if the charter base or charter provider feels that you need some assistance, they will put a skipper onboard at least until you get to the first anchorage. Skippers will take over the sailing duties including navigation, mooring, scheduling and overall boat maintenance and safety. You are welcome to learn from or help skippers. Cooks/Hostesses will prepare meals and generally keep the inside of the boat tidy and clean. They will also assist the skipper when and if it is necessary.

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